Summer School in Translational Cancer Research, 2019, Portugal

Education with a focus on translational cancer research is still an unmet need. To cover that need, the Summer School in Translational Cancer Research was initiated in 2011 by the EurocanPlatform. Since 2016, the course has been hosted annually by Cancer Core Europe and the German Cancer Research Center, organized by the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg, and supported by the German Cancer Consortium as well as others.
The Summer School covers a broad spectrum of topics ranging from basic and clinical research to the implementation of scientific insights into the health care system. Esteemed lecturers give overview presentations and are available for discussions. An important goal of the Summer School is the interaction between participants as well as speakers, coming from both preclinical laboratories and clinical centers worldwide. We aim at stimulating interactions to foster multidisciplinary collaborations at an international level. Participants have the opportunity to present their research projects and data in oral or poster presentations.


Prince Anand, India: “The heterogeneity of the crowd is really where you get to know more and more people from different parts of the world, and what they are doing in the clinical setting, as well as in the labs. Different activities – just like a walk on a beach or soccer on a beach helps you to get to know more and more people and it helps you to mingle with the people of your own research interest.“

Tania Christiansen, Germany: “What I enjoyed most so far is really that you interact with many different people from different disciplines and also different career levels. You can actually get a lot of inspiration on your own projects.“

Gunn Amitzbøll, Denmark: “I would like to say thank you for an absolute fantastic week in Portugal! I have never experienced a more successful event, both socially and professionally!”

Rihan El Bezawy, Italy: “Especially in this very challenging war against cancer, we really need to stand together, because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, so we need to be a core against cancer. And this is definitely what I found here in Cancer Core Europe.“

Omnia Elebyary, Egypt: “I like the diversity here, and the creativity, and how everyone gets to interact based on his own background.“

Andreas Mock, Germany: “Summer School brings people together, it creates opportunity, it gives us an important stimulus, and really fosters collaboration between young researchers.“